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Group of Companies "Alla Konyaeva & Partners"

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Unique service on exclusive demand. With modest charm of professionalism. 19 - February - 2019
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On the 14-15th of December, 2012 we invite you to visit our training on technologies of conducting interview with candidates. You are welcome to register at www.hr-school.com.ua and get more information about what is interview all about, how to avoid unsuccessful recruitment, what is competency, how to exemine experience of candidate to understand wether it is the right one or not.

21 D Yaroslaviv Val Street, off. 1, ground floor,
Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine Entrance through Gonchara street 26
phone/fax: (+38 044) 383 46 00

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Executive Search company “Ancor SW " has been providing services of executive search and management recruitment since 1992.

Subsidiary company "Ancor – Leasing” was established in 2000 to provide corporate clients with outstaffing services – administrative support in personnel withdrawal from the company's staff.

Consulting company "Alla Konyaeva & Partners” was established in 2008 to provide support services in HR management: outplacement, salary & benefits survey, management consulting.


”Alla Konyaeva’s school in personnel management" was opened in 2008 for HR professionals who want to enhance their competitiveness in a rapidly changing corporate world, accumulating new knowledge.

”AA&D Interim” was established in 2008 to provide services in temporary external management and consulting in difficult business conditions. This service was created to help companies in solving problems with the operational, tactical and strategical management.

Our strategic choice in business is creation, improvement and provision of exclusive services, based on strong consulting constituent part and individual approach to every customer.

Aiming at getting new knowledge and business development allows us to implement an innovative approach, offering new knowledge-based service products for management and staff outsourcing.

Users of our services are the ukrainian and foreign companies doing business in accordance with the highest standards of human resources management. All the services we provide are based on respect to the clients: the owners and the staff of the companies. Each interaction, each of our project is not only an opportunity to help customers in solving problems with the personnel management, but also it is the mutual enrichment of the decisions and technologies.

Ethical Code

Our Ethical Code determines standard, shared by the Company's owners and employees. Company's management is responsible for the quality of services rendered, as well as for their compliance with the accepted in the Companies ethical norms, according to which the highest value of each employee, involved in service provision, is Customer's interests. This is unconditional serving - honest, competent, with complete awareness of personal responsibility to Customers, ourselves and HR industry in our country.

Relations with Customers

  • We are in Partners relations with Customers and follow the norms of mutual trust and equal in rights cooperation.

  • We follow exclusively Customer interests and do not pursue any above contract benefits neither concerning him nor any third party.

  • We provide to the Customer only objective and true information.

  • We render services with maximum possible quality level.

  • We take to the execution only those orders, which we can execute with high qualification and in suitable for the Customer term and do not take orders from companies, which business does not correspond with humanity principles.

  • We inform the Customer on occurring or existing unforeseen circumstances, impeding timmely agreements obligations fulfillment.

  • We use confidential information, received from Customer, only within the order limits and within Customer's interest.

  • We do not mention Customer's name without his permission.

  • We do not attract current Customer's employees to participate in recruitment competitions during a year since the last order was executed.

  • We recommend to the Customer's employees, applying to us concerning re-placing them an another job, to inform their employer about their intensions to cooperate with us during the changing job process. 

Relations with Candidates

  • With our Candidates we build exclusively business relations, based on principles of honesty, objectiveness and confidentiality.

  • We clarify to a Candidate the essence of Executive Search service and its difference from management recruitment and placing on a job service: our services are free of charge for a Candidate and we are not responsible for obligatory placing on a job our Candidates.

  • We do not disclose any information about a Candidate to noone besides the potential employer and do not disclose the fact that he/she applied to our Company out of the concrete recruitment project limits.

  • We require confidentiality principles observation towards our Candidates from our Customers, including recommendations checking procedure.

  • We conduct recommendations check procedure with maximum correctness so that we by no means worsen a Candidate's position at his present place of work.

  • We conduct psychological testing with maximum correctness, guided by international procedures of psychodiagnostics.

Competitive advantages of our Companies:

  • Competence and long-term experience in the sphere of classic Management-Recruitment, Executive Search and relative services.

  • Our distinctive characteristics is saturation of all provided services with consulting constitutive part, which allows them to receive unique service on exclusive demand.

  • Self-instruction organization principle contributes to constantly supporting our employees' high level of professional knowledge and skills. All our employees have passed appropriate training and master the adapted technology of classic recruitment and Executive Search technology

  • The Company's ability to grow competent employees, accepting consulting career like their vital values important constitutive part and has undoubted influence on the depth of understanding the profession and essence of human mutual relations.

  • A huge database of highly qualified specialists, who know foreign languages and who have experience in various fields: finance, sales and marketing, industrial, technical, engineering, information technology, logistics, administrative and supporting services. Our database has been being accumulated since 1992. We personally meet with our competitors, we conduct in-depth structured interviews and competency interviews with them, we check their knowledge, skills and abilities within the specified order of our client.

  • Partners instutute like real perspective for the best consultants lays in our service the foundation of each employee experiences synergy.

  • Technological and innovational developments have always allowed us to be the first to start new services on the territory of Ukraine. The ability to be the first increases the Companies' chances to keep their innovation potential also in the future, to operatively react on always increasing Customers' demands.

Ourselves today we consider to be our major competitor and strive each "tomorrow" to become better than "yesterday". 

Market publicity of our Companies is much higher than avarage in the branch and owing to the long-term efforts on recruitment, Salaries and Benefits Survey, outstaffing and ourplacement services popularization in mass media.

Good knowledge of business environment in our country, understanding of the national mentality particularities, a regional specificity of world acception that allows us to provide services successfully not only in Kiev but also in the regional markets of Ukraine.

Ancor SW Executive Search Company assists its personnel development and creates the atmosphere, contributing to mutually respectful and mutually developing connections between its team members. Otherwise such effective teamwork on providing our Customers with high-quality service would be impossible.

The evaluation of our joint efforts is:

  • the 1-st place according to the independent rating "Ukrainian recruiting agencies services quality evaluation" results in 2004

  • golden medal "Branch leader" of the National business-rating in personnel search and provision services sphere in 2005, organized by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • membership in the Assosiation of Personnel Search Consultants  (APSC) - the biggest and most respectful professional union of Russian and CIS recruiters 

  • membership in European Business Assosiation and American Chamber of Commerce

  • The reputation of Executive Search company “Ancor SW", formed not "all of a sudden", is based on our readiness to come for help to everyone, who inquires high standards and effective technologies, guaranteeing quality, based on the developed feeling of economic and social responsibility.
    We are sure that our new company "Alla Konyaeva and Partners” will continue this tradition - to be among the best - and multiply the achievements of its parent structure.

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