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Group of Companies "Alla Konyaeva & Partners"

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Unique service on exclusive demand. With modest charm of professionalism. 20 - February - 2019
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21 D Yaroslaviv Val Street, off. 1, ground floor,
Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine Entrance through Gonchara street 26
phone/fax: (+38 044) 383 46 00

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Dear Applicant!

In order to use Ancor SW Executive Search Company services you should e-mail your detailed CV to info@ancor-sw.com, reflecting the whole scope of you professional experience, knowledge and skills. If there is no CV compiled yet and you have no idea how to do it, we recommend to use our Company`s Sample. 

Our service is absolutely free for Applicants. Both before or after employment we do not make any takings in neither open nor veiled form

The peculiarity of our Company`s service is that we do not work "blindfolded". After getting an Order corresponding your experience, a Consultant will by all means meet with you to discuss your experience, knowledge, skills, expectations, and motivation. The Consultant will answer all your questions and will help to complete you CV - to fill in all the necessary additional information. The interview takes about 1,5 - 2 hours.

Since the personal acquaintance you become our Candidate. It means that our Consultants can periodically call you with the purpose to get some missing information necessary for a successful Order execution.

Companies` salary and compensations information is systemized in the yearly "Salary and Benefits Survey" issued by Ancor SW Agency and is available for our candidates.

Ancor SW Consultants will help you get your bearings in vacancies market, will prompt to which companies your knowledge and experience might be of the greater interest, will consult on the issues of labor relations and career planning.

All our vacant positions are real. Before taking an Order from a Company we necessarily collect all available information about it. If it is possible, we'll visit its office, meet the Customer.

Your CV would get to the potential employer Company only after your permission and on discussing the confidentiality level with you. Our technology doesn't allow any unapproved "journeys" of your CV to unknown addresses.

After the Company's representative suggests organizing a meeting, we would meet you once again and help getting prepared for the interview. During the preparation procedure we'll tell you in details all we know about the Customer's company, the vacant position peculiarities, we'll discuss your motivation to get this position. It is necessary to specify here that no way we suggest some prepared variant of presenting oneself to an employer. We just listen to what you are going to tell, prompt on what we haven't heard, which information lacks, and what was surplus.

When the employer utters his readiness to make you a Job Offer, we'll make reference check from your previous jobs. Because of this, please be ready to provide us with all contact information of potential referees. A Consultant, following the Agency's technology, has no right to recommend a candidate to a Customer without having contact information on referees.

After you start working for the company, Ancor SW Executive Search Company is responsible for you during a 100 days or more trial period. So we shall call you and your new Manager to learn the adaptation process course. If necessary, our Consultants will render you psychological support or advice in the sphere of their competence. 

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